Working In Uncertainty

Theories, perspectives, and frameworks

This page is just for theories and you can usually find more specific technical suggestions on the pages for improving your skills and for improving an organization.

Management of risk/uncertainty

Managing risk/uncertainty, whether doing it through your own skills or by changing an organization, is a valuable, creative challenge. It should not be a boring, low value, bureaucratical chore of filling in forms and making lists, fudging through formal conversations, and just trying to make someone else happy.


Thinking about psychological issues from a risk/uncertainty point of view often generates new insights.

Automating open mindedness

One reason we tend to think too narrowly and ignore or underestimate our uncertainty is that doing better is hard work. Thinking through multiple alternatives is tiring and time-consuming, so we tend not to bother. Automating some of this thinking can save us time and energy, and often allow us to get better results too. Today's laptop computers can perform miracles of useful number crunching.

Other topics

These topics are not directly related to uncertainty, though often there is a connection. More often they are about efficiency and intellectual hygiene.

Miscellaneous earlier work

These papers are earlier works using different language and ideas, but often arguing for similar practices.

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