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Yuletide greetings

Each year I do something to interest or entertain people I know and usually it is online.

Year Title and link Description

Good ideas – new to me in 2023

Four good ideas I came across in 2023.


Happy Yuletide 2022

A simple collage of images related to sustainability, prompted by the high cost of energy this winter and a bitterly cold period during which our boiler failed.


Care and Consideration for All

A story about a community that clings to life by pragmatism and consideration for each other.


Let us give thanks

Thanks to many usually-unsung heroes.


Peak Christmas

An optimistic story about a more sustainable future and how it might come about.


Yuletide Dinner Table

A simulation of two dimensional particles. I'm sure proper scientists don't do this with turkeys and sprouts.


Christmas Snowfall Challenge

A simple game to collect snow flakes in Santa's bag.


The good news 2014

A collection of important good news stories from the year.


A Christmas scenario

A short story about a Christmas Day in the future, showing how our lives might have changed for the better.


Christmas Frost Flakes

An animation that gradually builds up a seasonal greeting using an algorithm used in Bayesian statistics.


Christmas Snowfall

A surprisingly satisfying game with swirling snow flakes. See how many pretty effects you can achieve.


Christmas message

The letters of the message and scrambled at first but resolve using a force directed algorithm. Simple but quite pleasing.


The Brothers and the White Hand

Another story about Osber, Pieder, and Berzifal. This also comes in a children's version and an audio version.


The Brothers and the Wolves

The frightening story of how Osber, Pieder, and Berzifal come to town. This also comes in an audio version.


Xmas quiz

Some risky scenarios to think about.


Christmas Fair Mince Pie Sales

A game that simulates selling mince pies at a fair.

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