Working In Uncertainty

Recommended people and associates

Over the years I've had to pleasure of working with some wonderful people and have met others I would recommend for the abilities and personal qualities. Here are some:

Professor Michael Mainelli and Z/Yen. Michael and I worked together on a long project for BP involving a lot of data analysis. Michael is full of ideas and many are good ones - really good. Michael is a pioneer who can make things happen. His writing and speeches tend to be entertaining but don't make the mistake of thinking that there is no good content underneath all that entertainment.

Jonathan Hayward at Independent Audit. Jonathan is a very rare kind of person: a former big audit firm partner with the ability to develop new, practical techniques. We worked on a project to help a property company write an outstanding annual report. They did and won an award for it. Jonathan does a lot of interesting work and his surveys, reports, and speeches are always worth paying attention to.

Tom Gilb and his family business: The thing I admire most about Tom is that, over the years, he has developed a set of techniques that just work brilliantly well. He's also a great host and generous with his undoubted knowledge. The solution to the UK Government's persistent problems with huge IT projects that cost too much and deliver too little is Tom Gilb.

Andy Garlick: Andy is a man on a quest to understand and improve risk management, who has made some impressive progress. Recently he has been getting things off his chest via a blog, wonderfully titled Clouds of Vagueness.

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