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Reports of completed surveys

Study report Highlights

Integration in future risk management guidance and standards: results from a Risk Improvement Group survey (April 2015)

Reveals a surprisingly progressive attitude to using a broader range of methods for risk management and clarifies the concerns that professional risk managers have about the idea of making risk management an integral part of management.

Results of a survey on 'risk management' (January 2014)

Shows that most people think 'risk management' should not imply a particular method of managing risk, though they think other people usually have risk-listing in mind.

Results of a survey on ISO 31000:2009 and future editions (June 2013)
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Done with assistance from BSI, the IRM, and to inform TC/262, the ISO technical committee on risk management. This survey asked many varied questions and accessed new pools of respondents.

Results of a survey on 'risk' decision support (March 2013)

Reveals the characteristics people would like in decision support materials for decisions about dealing with risk.

Results of a survey on corporate programmes to improve 'risk management' (May 2012)

Identified a number of design features that make programmes for improved working in uncertainty more or less attractive.

Results of a survey on the locations of uncertainty (April 2012)

Being able to deal with uncertainty around five different aspects of decision making was seen as important or crucial by 79%+ of respondents. The most highly rated for importance is also one on which little authoritative guidance has been published.

The Reality of Risk: culture, behaviour, and the role of accountants (January 2012)

This was funded by ACCA. The many important findings concern the role of accountants in improving risk management, and their willingness to do so.

Results of a survey on 'project risk management' (October 2011)

People preferred integrated project risk management, in principle, and also thought that project risk management should address all significant project decisions, not just those concerning actions seen as 'responses' to 'risks'.

Results of a survey on 'integrated risk management' (September 2011)

Found that people recognize and much prefer more integrated approaches to managing 'risk'. None of the preferred approaches involved making a list of 'risks'.

Results of a survey on risk phrases (March 2010)

This classic survey established clearly the problems of using the phrase 'risk appetite'.

What circumstances are relevant to decision making under uncertainty? (March 2009)

Respondents recognized a variety of circumstances as being relevant to rational decision making under uncertainty, but for most the personality of the decision maker (including personality-driven 'risk attitude') was not relevant.

Report of a survey on recommendations by auditors and risk managers (August 2004)

Found that auditors and risk managements who make recommendations on 'internal control' and 'risk management' also recognize the value of other ways to improve working in uncertainty.

Results of a survey on embedded risk management (May 2004)

Found that people preferred approaches to managing 'risk' that were based on core management activities rather than a separate system.

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