Working In Uncertainty

Manage risk/uncertainty through your skills in key situations

For several years I have been using scenario-based tests like the ones on this page to understand how we think in key situations at work where uncertainty/risk is important and I have seen huge differences between individuals. Most people give sensible responses in most situations. Some people are very wise and a safe pair of hands. Others I would be scared to put in charge of anything even slightly important.

Perhaps more worrying is that there are some situations where most people prefer approaches that history or science show to be dangerous (e.g. because of a hidden psychological trap).

The scope for improving the way individuals deal with key situations at work is huge. It can make you a much wiser, more effective manager. It can make your staff wiser, more reliable, and more effective. It can provide some protection against a range of unpleasant, stressful situations that arise when someone has made a poor choice. In short, if you make better choices in situations at work where uncertainty/risk is important you can be more successful and less stressed.

Free online skills through scenarios

Test yourself and improve your ability to handle common situations at work.


Non-quantitative techniques and guidance

Psychology from an uncertainty point of view


Case studies involving famous individuals

Case studies involving organizations

Personal examples

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